Why should you go for Mercedes e-class

There is no shortage of luxury cars out there. You can see a hundred different cars zipping on the road. Every child has the dream to own a beautiful car when he grows up. Whereas some prefer vintage cars, some prefer the practical ones that gives them good mileage and lets them take the whole family around for chores without burning too big a hole in their pocket.

There are a number of people who are able to buy the dream car that they want, yet many of us are unable to make that dream a reality as they are unable to fish out the funds that go into making the purchase. One way in which you can get the car you have always wanted without drowning in bankruptcy is going for a used model. Mercedes have been an all time favorite of a number of people. You can opt for a used Mercedes Benz e class as it is definitely one of the best cars out there in today’s date. It is definitely on the top when it comes to being safe and technologically advanced as compared to the other models in the market.

This car also has diesel and hybrid options that you can choose from as per what suits your needs. You can also choose from the available engine sizes that go from four to eight cylinders. Apart from this, there are a variety of features that this model offers to its drivers. A number of accidents happen around the world due to the drivers getting unconscious or sleeping while driving. The e class prevents this from happening as it automatically halts the car if it doesn’t sense any input from the driver for a particular duration of time. It also has a Crosswind Assist Function which allows the driver to monitor the speed of every individual tire. By doing so you are able to apply brakes to every tire individually allowing you to combat crosswind. This car has more safety features than the previous models. If it anticipates an oncoming crash, the air chambers are wired to shift the driver five centimeters towards the center of the car to prevent them from getting major damage in case the car is hit from the side. This safety feature is termed as “Impulse Side” and can definitely help save lives in the case of a car being rammed from the side. It also has a function that is termed as “Pre-Safe Sound” which emits an 80 dB sound via the speakers so that the ear drum is protecting from the hearing damage that is caused during a car crash. These safety features alone should make you want to purchase your own model of this car to keep your friends, family and loved ones safe. Not only is this a car a beauty to look at and a beast to drive, it makes sure that you remain safe and protected inside. If you go for a used model, make sure you go for a certified used Mercedes Benz e class. It is definitely one of the safest cars out there. It is definitely the perfect combination of looks and features.

This model does not have the option of a gear box. It is only available in the automatic version and provides the driver with the ultimate driver experience. It is definitely a smooth and laid back drive which allows you to enjoy the experience of being in a luxury car. You are not forced to change the gear every few seconds due to traffic. You must definitely go for this car if you want the ultimate driving experience that is full of comfort.

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