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If you live in Hunter, Newcastle, or New South Wales Australia, you know ABCM Car Removal services is the best in the region in terms of speedy and quality car removals.  Your needs for disposing of your old vehicle may extend beyond car removal though, and ABCM Car Removal provides superior services in these areas as well.  We excel in the many other areas related to car disposal including:  auto dismantling, auto recycling, auto wrecking, car disposal, car scrapping, cash for junk cars, cash for trucks, and scrap car removals.  Our other comprehensive car disposal services are discussed below.

Auto dismantlers are also known as scrap and junk yard suppliers because they supply 80% of the scrap metal which is used to build new vehicles.  The auto supply industry collectively loves ABCM Car Removal and its services because they are environmentally friendly, and because they prevent scrap metal from entering into and polluting landfills and drinking water with harmful heavy metals.  ABCM Car Removal is one of the many key auto disposal companies which scrap and dispose of eleven million vehicles annually.

We are also the best in terms of auto recycling because we specialize in removing used cars and in finding new ways to use their scrap metal in innovative ways that are environmentally friendly.  ABCM Car Removal does this by renovating old scrap vehicle parts and selling them for cash, thereby saving these parts from entering into a landfill and polluting it and the local water supply in the process.  These parts are used on other vehicles of the same make and model.

Vehicles are totaled all of the time in car accidents and the owners are flummoxed as to what to do next.  ABCM Car Removal takes the worry out of the next step by buying these damaged vehicles from them.  ABCM is able to effectively dispose of damaged cars free of charge because of the car dismantling and auto recycling services which are located on its premises.  Owners of damaged cars can offload the worries associated with their undrivable vehicles on to ABCM by simply filling out paperwork and setting up a time for ABCM Car Removal’s reps to come to the owner’s premises to remove the vehicle.  The great benefit for vehicle owners is that they are handsomely compensated for their damaged vehicles!

When a vehicle is disabled or totaled, repairing it can be very expensive, time consuming, and stressful for the owners and is not always done for these reasons.  Selling the car may not always be a viable option because most owners of new vehicles, even if they are used, want a car that is in drivable condition – they will not usually agree to purchase a totaled vehicle for this reason.  This is where ABCM Car Removal comes into the picture because the company offers these vehicle owners an easy and viable alternative by buying the totaled vehicle from them and by removing the vehicle from their premises.

Once the vehicle is removed, it is taken to ABCM’s junk yard and assessed for usability.  If it is still drivable, then it is sold.  If it is not, then it is dismantled, and the parts are sold for scrap at scrap value.  This process ensures that the old vehicle is still used in some form.

Buying a vehicle is an exciting process, but disposing of one can be time consuming, cumbersome, and stressful.  This need not be the case if the owners seek the correct car removal service out.  ABCM car removal is the best of its kind in its industry and region because of its proven track record, and its stellar reputation which stems from excellent customer and vehicle removal service!

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