What Sets Luxury Cars Apart from Mainstream Cars

What Sets Luxury Cars Apart from Mainstream Cars

A luxury car is more than the sophisticated interior, cutting-edge comfort and high-valued performance. A luxury car is composed of many features that set it apart from mainstream cars. Whether it is Mercedes Bens S-Class, BMW 7 Series or Audi A6, a luxury car is more than enjoyable once you have experienced the lux in life.

When buying luxury cars for sale in chicago, you should look carefully at the standard list of features. Here are some features that set luxury cars apart from mainstream cars:

Safety features
The most important feature is the safety. You want to drive knowing that you are protected no matter what time of day. Keep in mind that the newest models have most-advanced safety features. The first thing you should check is the FCW (Forward-collision Warning). FCW will alert the driver of an impending collision with an object directly in its path.

The car should also be equipped with AEB (Automatic Emergency Braking) system. This system will sense a potential collision and if you do not react in time, it will do the braking for you. Other modern safety features include telematics system (that can alert you if you change lanes without proper signaling), lane-keeping assist (that will assist the car to the center lane if you start to drift) and blind spot warning system (that will show other cars driving in your blind spots).

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Navigation systems
The navigation system is a handy feature if you drive in an unfamiliar place. Although this is included in other mainstream vehicle, luxury cars are bundled with expensive equipment. The built-in system uses large and clear screens are intuitive and integrated beautifully into the car. To give you added safety, most luxury cars respond to voice commands.

Drive wheels
Mainstream cars have front-wheel drive. The front-wheel drive will provide better traction compared to the rear-wheel driver especially if the road is slippery. Moreover, rear-wheel drive is better at steering on dry roads. Finally, all-wheel drive offers better traction during extreme weather.  Most luxury cars have rear-wheel and all-wheel drive.

Engine or fuel
It should not be a surprise that most luxury cars are not about saving fuel. However, if you want to minimise the use of fuel, you should consider diesel or hybrid powertrains. Among the hybrids, Lexus got 36 MPG while Lincoln got 34 MPG.

The latest technology paved way to a home theater inside a luxury car together with a smartphone and Bluetooth connectivity. Stereos are also included as it is one of the main selling points of many luxury cars.

If you expect to constantly carry bulky cargo, you need to choose a luxury car that can fold-down rear seat with a wide opening of the trunk behind.

If in this case you are buying a used car, you should do your research as this can help you save money, time and headaches in the future. More importantly, consider inspection or diagnostics scan preferably by a dealer technician. This can help revel potentially concealed issues that will be ugly for your wallet in the future.

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