What Exactly Is Car Detailing?

If you want to keep your car looking great, having it detailed on a regular basis is important. Car detailing ensures that your car is clean and presentable, and can even enhance the function of your automobile. When dirt and debris are stuck in certain parts of your car, it can impede the function of your automobile. But what is car detailing, exactly? Which services should you be looking for when you want to have your car professionally detailed?

Aspects of Car Detailing

Basically, car detailing is a thorough cleaning of the inside and outside of your automobile. Detailing requires a number of special tools and products. The car detailer will often perform minor touch-ups to improve the look of your car. For instance, if you have a small chip in your paint, a detailer will take care of this so you won’t have to take the car to the body shop.

Cleaning and conditioning are some of the main components of car detailing. The process gets rid of swirls and scratches on the paint so that the vehicle looks like you just drove it off the lot. The inside of the car is also cleaned and vacuumed.

The Difference Between a Car Wash and Car Detailing

A car wash will get rid of surface dirt and grime on your car. Most car was facilities also have a vacuum that you can use for the inside of your car. The vacuum is ideal for picking up large debris, but doesn’t actually clean the carpets and interior.

For the outside of the car, you can find detailers who use special treatments like clay to draw out impurities and make your paint job shine. Detailers will also buff the car and use high-quality wax to make your vehicle’s exterior sparkle.

The Cost of Car Detailing Car Wash

A complete detailing of your car can cost anywhere from $10 to $40. A car wash usually only costs a few bucks. You may find that the cost of detailing is worth it once you see the finished product. You’ll see that detailers have cleaned your dashboard and thoroughly cleaned the other mirrors and windows in your car. Your tires will also get a thorough cleaning. Some car detailers also add a light fragrance to your vehicle’s interior as a nice finishing touch.

Looking For the Right Car Detailer  

As with most businesses, you can find the right car detailer by getting referrals. Ask your friends and family about the car detailers in your area that do the best work. You can also search online for car detailers that have gotten great reviews. Check to see how long the car detailing service has been in business as well. This will give you an idea of how skilled the staff is at cleaning different types of automobiles. Make sure you know whether the car detailing business has specific experience in cleaning various types of cars, so you’ll know if your vehicle fits into this category. The more you know about the detailing business before your visit, the more likely you are to visit a facility that will give you the results you need.