Top 3 Tata Trucks with 6 Wheels

Tata Motors has a wide variety of trucks which caters to the needs of its customers. They provide a stiff competition in the market to other manufacturers. Appropriately proving its tagline “Trust us where fields go rough”, Tata trucks are less burdensome on maintenance and better at performance. One can find service centres in every nook and corner of the country, making its maintenance quite efficient.

In this era, each transporter has a different need depending upon the place where they live, the amount of money they have to invest etc. And all these needs are served quite appropriately by Tata Motorsas they ensure safety, comfort, efficiency and durability.

The most frequently used trucks for haulage and shipment are the ones that run on a 6 wheel base. So we bring to you the top 3 Tata trucks that run on a 6 wheel base:

  • BabaTrucksTATA LPT 1918

Tata LPT 1918 is designed in a way such that its length is 7380mm and width is 2440mm.It is a diesel truck with maximum speed of 80 kmph . It can travel long distances easily as it needs to be serviced only after every 80,000 km. A quite comfortable model, with a driver’s seat that is 6 way adjustable. Engine is 5L TURBOTRONN DICR with EGR technologywith a turning radius of 8350 mm.

It also provides a few additional features such as gear shift advisor and FE switch. Air brakes are provided in the form of service brakes and parking brakes are graduated valve controlled spring brakes. It comes with a warranty of 6 years/ 6 lakh km on driveline and 3 years / 3 lakh km on vehicle which ensures its strength. Vehicle configuration is face cowl and chassis with a ladder type chassis frame with cross members of depth 285 mm and thickness of 7 mm. One particular drawback, however, is the absence of fog lights and differential lock.

  • TATA 709

It is named as a light truck designed for long road applications. It comes with 250nm torque and maximum fuel efficiency with engine Tata 3.8 SGI BS-IV 4- cylinder turbo intercooled common rail direct injection. It is designed to carry heavy loads with ease which is why its rated payload capacity is 4370kg.It can glide with ease on any kind of terrain due to exceptional strength and stability.

Minute requirements of the driver have been kept in mind at the time of its design as it is provided with an arm rest and bottle holder. Safety needs are also catered to with the help of seat belt warning light for the driver. Loading platform height is kept low for loading and unloading for the comfort of customers. Shortest turning radius is provided for easy manoeuvrability. It comes with a fuel capacity of 300L to run long distances where fuel injection system is inline type with double plunger and double cam lobe.

  • TATA ULTRA 1518T

It is the latest addition in the Ultra series which provides the driver comfort like no other with parabolic leaf spring and telescopic shock absorbers. It has exceptional power with maximum power 132 kw and maximum torque 590 nmand a huge load carrying capacity.The power is channelled to the wheels via a 6-speed manual gearbox.It has a deck body with a day cabin.The GVW is 16190kg with a domex frame with bolted design. Dual circuit full air S cam brake with ABS is the type of brake provided.

Comforts of the driver are looked after with the inclusion of headrests and armrests with four way adjustable seat to remove the driver’s fatigue.It is essentially the first commercial vehicle with tail lamp integrated with LED lights.Tyres are long lasting as it is designed to sustain less rolling resistance with better fuel economy. It comes with a warranty of 3 years or 3 lakh km with fuel capacity of 150 L. Due to these features, the performance of this vehicle is beyond the reach of others.

A salient feature provided by Tata Motors, along with comfortable and safe interiors, is the provision of stylish exteriors and integrated, smart and e-mobility solutions. All these features and needs are looked after at a very low cost of ownership. Great quality commercial vehicles with smart features are provided by Tata Motors which excites and attracts global customers and is the reason why it is one of the market leaders on a global scale.

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