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If you are looking for used cars in Carrollton, you might have seen quite a few. How do you know which one is best for you? External examinations are a good way for a preliminary check, but the internal check is mostly the determining one. In order to take a good internal check, you have to test drive your car.

New cars don’t need a lot of attention. If its comfortable and makes you feel cozy, you can choose it outright. However, used cars need to be driven carefully in order to find out what is its exact condition.

Let’s take a look at what you should do on a test drive

1- Before starting

After you have gone through the first round of external checks and decided that the car is okay, take a test drive. Drive for at least about an hour to know the real condition of the car. Keep the radio turned off to hear any sounds that could be coming from the car.

2- Starting

Inspect the lights. Once you turn on the ignition, all lights should come to life and go off immediately. The engine should start immediately and not take too long. If it does, the starter motor or battery may not be in too good condition. Rough running means the car’s engine needs tuning.

3- Wheels

Turn the wheels to all sides while the car is stationary to check for sounds and squeals. If you hear weird sounds it could mean the wheel system is worn out.


4- Gears

Check your gear for smoothness and ease of use. While changing gears the system should be silent. Check the reverse, and brakes for a smooth transition and accelerate the car to check for slips.

5- Brakes

Brakes are very important for your safety. Check them several times and beware of brake slips. If you hear sounds or rubbing, the car might have damaged brake discs. Make sure to inspect the brakes very thoroughly.

6- Steering and suspension

The steering should be well functional. Check for vibrations or juddering on drives. In addition, it should be optimally tight so as not to steer away even if you leave it flat. If the car gives out bangs and shouts while driving on a rough road, your suspension might be tired

7- Dashboard

While driving also inspect the temperature gauge that usually settles at the center. If it doesn’t then it needs to be checked. If it is in the hot area, your system is about to overheat. If it doesn’t move at all, then its probably disconnected.

After finishing your drive, check for any leaks or heats or any abnormal reaction in the car. A good test drive of used cars in Carrollton can help you choose if you can really settle on your chosen car or not.

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