Nothing compares the unblemished, slick, and shiny car that has caught your eye as you pass by a dealership. Television commercials always draw you in visiting a dealership to check out that particular model that captivated your heart, but the problem is, you do not have the right budget for it, and your money is enough to buy a used car.

There is nothing to be ashamed of actually because practicality nowadays outweighs luxury. Yeah, sure a brand-new car has all the bells and whistles and can even give you a flexible financing option, but you have a lot of choices aside from buying a brand-new car actually.

The answer to that is buying a used car. There are a lot of reasons why you should choose used car over a brand-new car if you are on a tight budget. Buying a used car not just saves you a lot of money, but also, it provides the same satisfaction as buying a new car, and also, when it comes quality, used cars nowadays are very durable because of the innovative ways of car brands that it applies to its new models.

Before you sell my car Hayward, you should be fully convinced why used cars are practical and more convenient than buying a brand-new car by reading these valid reasons compiled by automobile experts who believe on used cars’ quality and durability.

  • SAVES YOU A LOT OF MONEY-On average, used cars that you see at dealerships only sell at less than $3,000 dollars are already the newest and most advanced models that just recently came out. A lot of Americans only use their brand-new cars for a couple of years and decides to trade it in to buy the brand-new models available because of depreciation. A lot of these cars end up at second-hand dealerships where it has a relatively cheaper price tag. Most brand-new car nowadays costs more than $5,000 and up.
  • ALREADY DEPRECIATED- A lot of consumers in the automobile industry quickly depreciates their brand-new car as soon as they drive it off from the dealership. In fact, 11 percent of the entire value of a brand-new car drops as you drive it to your home, which means that its depreciation rate gets bigger and bigger as days, weeks, months, and years pass by without any mechanical issues, or whatever problems that the vehicle is free from. There are some used cars out there depending on its rarity, model, and even its engine type gains value instead of depreciation especially vintage cars. If you are worried about depreciation, do not be, because these cars have already undergone depreciation from its previous owners and most of these cars did not sustain any damage or any wear-and-tear factors.
  • NO UNNECESSARY FEES- Do not be tempted or swayed by a brand-new car’s slick look because behind it has hidden fees that will be totaled on top of the pricey price tag of the vehicle. These fees include shipping charges, destination fees, and even dealership preparation which are very costly, unlike buying a used car, all you need is your money and a contract to sign in as a proof of sale.

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