The career in commercial truck driving

The career in commercial truck driving

The career in commercial trucking is not that difficult to peruse. Before you go on you should know about some of the fascinating statics about this industry. The career in trucking can be very successful for you. The 83.7 revenue of the whole shipment in transportation is covered by trucking. All the other means of transportation are very low in percentage. The second highest percentage is of railway which is just 5.6 and the third one is 3.2 by air sector last but not least is the through shipping which is just 1.4.

Trucking industry statics

The future of trucking is not as dull as we seem. It is not going away anytime soon. The annual GDP of the trucking industry is 650 billion dollar. That is more than an annual GDP of any small country. More than 35 billion dollars is paid in the federal state of Canada. Toronto highway uses taxes by 21 percent every year. This is great job security in the field of trucking which is never given by another field.

Job security percentage

Speaking of job security, the average earnings of the average truck and heavy tractor driver is almost 39000 dollars a year. This is up to more than 19 dollars an hour. And those how had the low scale driver also has made 26000 dollars a year by many truckers. And that who has earned the highest is 60000 dollars per year. This is more than any college 2 years or 4-year degree graduate. So when it comes to job security truck driving is one of the most secure careers nowadays.

Fact about truckers

When it comes to trucking you should know that truck drivers all over Canada cover the distance of 93.5 million highway miles. That cut it short to 2600000 miles per day. And it is 3 million times the surface area of the earth. This seems a lot when we look at it collectively but an average trucker covers the distance of 100 miles per day. All of these transportation comes with a good mileage average as they use bik hydraulics in their trucks. The average distance a long haul truck is made per gallon is 8 miles which are on 45 MPH. but if you go up than 55 MPH the average would go down to 6.5 per gallon.

So the future is bright

Since you know exactly how essential the trucking business is to the Canada economy, how much the normal truck driver makes a year, and what number of all-out miles truck drivers travel overall every year, I need to end this article with one final measurement. The estimation of delivered merchandise that the business trucking industry transports every year is $139,463,000,000. That is $382,090,411 every day and $4,422 every second! That is the manner by which important the trucking business and the truck drivers themselves are to the nationals of Canada. Consider this, maybe. Pretty much every aspect of our economy is reliant upon the trucking business, from nourishment to fuel, medication to apparatus, autos to apparel, and development to assembling, they are altogether conveyed and subordinate upon the business trucking industry.

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