The All-New 2019 NSX: A Luxury Coupe from Acura

The Acura NSX is all about advanced thought applied to design, engineering, power, dynamics and refined luxury. The makers of the NSX aimed high at hybrid sport performance and handling and delivered this through quick and responsive acceleration through direct yaw control, extremely low center of gravity, advanced body construction using a combination of different materials and perfected air flow for dynamics, stability and cooling. The Acura auto dealer we chose to get a look at an NSX was able to provide some amazing information on the all-new 2019 NSX – a luxury coupe from Acura.

Exhilarating Exterior Design

Its one of those you see it and wish to own it kind of coupes that incorporates futurism in design, sculpted angles, smartly placed vents, purposeful insets and fine details that give it a sporty look from any side. Sitting behind every exterior feature is a support measure that defines the purpose such as heat exchanges behind the front grilles that foster better cooling for both engine and transmission, visible fender peaks to aid drivers in better judgement as they maneuver curves, wide and low Jewel-eye styling for the headlights with six-beam LED lights and long aerodynamically styled rear view mirrors. The design aspects from the rear are just as purposeful which is evident as you notice the uniquely designed diffuser stakes for better downforce. You also have flush door handles that can sense your smart key and pop out for your convenience. Featured on the rear are the flying wing taillights that line the extend across the vehicle.

Synergetic Interiors

The interiors of the NSX luxury coupe are just as synergetic as the exteriors. Just going by the seating, you get sport seats with alcantara in the center for excellent grip with soft and smooth leather on the surrounding bolsters to allow you to easily slide into them. Ample knee and elbow padding support is provided to keep you seated snugly.

Supercar Power

Yes, it’s a supercar. The 2019 NSX comes with a bespoke Sport Hybrid Super Handling All-Wheel Drive system. The 3.5-liter dry sump lubricated DOHC V-6 engine is mid-mounted twin-turbocharged and take delivers you 500 hp and 406 lb-ft torque on first roar.This is combined with a 9-speed dual-clutch transmission to make you ready to race. The Hybrid Combined horsepower using all three engines including the two SH-AWD motors gives you close to 573 hp and 476 lb-ft of torque.

Dynamic Performance

Interestingly, the dynamics of the NSX are refined in a way not to cut-off the outside world to give you a luxurious ride and on the contrary allow the drivers and passengers make a better connection with the road and surroundings while at the same time responding to your every input. Any Acura car dealer will tell you, the aerodynamics on the NSX would make Bernoulli proud with the body encompassing both intake air vents and front airflow exit vents to let the air passthrough and add downforce at the same time. You have side airflow vents to help control the heat on the turbo intercoolers.

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