Quick Guide to Buying Motorcycle Seat Pads

Quick Guide to Buying Motorcycle Seat Pads

Imagine riding on the roads along the Himalayan range, wind in your hair, breathing in cold, and unpolluted air with snow all around you. Soothes the soul, doesn’t it? We all love that adrenaline rush of riding a motorcycle. But there is a little hitch in this entire dreamy scenario – your uncomfortable motorcycle seat! Long hours of riding can be troublesome for bikers who just can’t be comfortable on those seats. That is when motorcycle seat pads might come to your rescue.

Seat Pad Material

Let us throw some light on the types of material which motorcycle seat pads may come in.

  • Gel seat pad– Good for long distances as it protects your back from too much friction and soreness.
  • Sheepskin seat pad – Perfect for both the summer and winter.
  • Foam seat pad – Gives extreme comfort as it is soft and feels like an added cushion
  • Air seat pad – Enables air pressure to be adjusted within the pad
  • Bead seat pad – Suitable to use in during warmer days as it helps circulate air and can also be used during the rains.
  • Heated seat pad – Provides warmth during the winter as it plugs into the electric system of the motorcycle.

Motorcycle Seat Pads

Seat Pad Fasteners

Did you also know that there are various types of seat pad fasteners available in the market today? In other words, this is the way your pad straps on to your motorcycle. We have Velcro straps, suction cup, buckles, clips and button straps. Go with the one that blends with your motorcycle and just looks classy. But of course, safety must be considered above all. You wouldn’t want the seat pad to fall off midway, would you?

Factors to Ponder over

Before buying a motorcycle seat pad, you should examine a few factors.

  1. Purpose of the purchase

Are you buying this for your comfort, for your passenger’s comfort or to give your motorcycle an accessory? A lot of you may not need a seat pad but may just be buying one for the heck of it. If so, then just the appearance of the seat pad would matter to you, not the comfort it provides.

  1. The environment

Do you ride your bike during the rains or the winter too? If so, you should opt for a material that is suitable for such strong weather conditions. Perhaps, a heated seat pad would be great for the cold. And for the summers, a seat pad that circulates area well.

  1. Your height

Tall ones, you are good to go. But if you fall in the other category which already struggles to get their feet on the ground while on your motorcycle, the seat pads definitely going to make it worse for you.

  1. The frequency of using your motorcycle

If you ride for long hours almost daily, you need a seat pad of the best quality, that does not wear out quickly. You should go for a strong and durable seat pad.

After considering all these factors mentioned above, you have another selection to make – the brand. For example, the Pro Pad motorcycle seat pad could be one of your options!

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