MyMazda: A Mobile App to Monitor Your Car Maintenance

Today to make each business reach their users at the ease of pressing a button, an app is launched. When it comes to automobile, the same is observed with every brand and Mazda is one of them with no exception.  The motif of launching MyMazda, the mobile app from Mazda is aimed at making the user experience simpler, faster, easier and at the convenience of their home or office or from any place. As told to us by the Mazda dealers Ontario, through MyMazdathe car owners and the drivers are now able to manage their vehicle better than ever before. MyMazda app has been made compatible with all Android smartphones and iPhones.

Find Your Car through Carfinder

Gone are those days, when you have to frantically searchfor your parked car at a clustered parking slot. Now the GPS-powered Carfinder, can easily point out the location of your car when and wherever you park, and finds it for you when it is time to move.

Availing Best Offers and Coupons from Mazda

MyMazda makes managing your Mazda vehicle from the convenience of your current location and won’t let you bother even if you are away from your vehicle.  Before you start out for a ride, the app can show you its current mileage making it easier for you to plan your route and more.What else? MyMazda app sends its users various coupons and service offers provided by the company, that are exclusive for Mazda owners.

MyMazda App Features

The helpful features of this app include:

  • Reminding of your Maintenance Schedules
  • Search and Locate a Dealer
  • Book aService Schedule Online
  • Register your vehicle by scanningyour VIN barcode capability
  • Gets you Mazda Roadside Assistance with ease
  • Provides you with Full Circle Service Inspection Results
  • Sends you Alerts when there are new offers, service coupons and other promotional offers.
  • Recall Information

Advanced Features

  1. From MyMazdayou can find your Service History Information that you have availed at any Mazda Dealer whenever you are in need of a reference.
  2. Through the MyMazda app, you can have the contact information of the nearest Mazda Dealers just at your fingertips, that makes it faster and easier foryou to schedule a service appointment.
  3. MyMazda has an easy-to-use guide and an interactive tool that can play quick demo videos to help you understand your vehicle better, likehow to use the instrument panel, the navigation, the entertainment system and more.
  4. if you are stuck at the middle of the road with your vehicle. The “How To” Information & Videos of the MyMazda app would help you come out of the situation.

Connectivity at MyMazda

You can avail more connectivity features like the Bluetooth and MAZDA CONNECT support, browse the Zoom-Zoom Magazine, have a virtual tour Inside Mazda, know more about Mazda from its FAQ’s, Contact Mazda through chat, phone or email. To know more about MyMazda contact Ontario Mazda dealer at your earliest.

Mazda Mobile Start

There is another help from MyMazda and that is the Mazda Mobile Start option that you can avail at a price that enables functions like starting, locking, unlocking and activation of your climate control system and the panic alarm from anywhere through your smartphone.

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