know the facts about hiring service licence here

know the facts about hiring service licence here

New reforms have to be made by the government to ensure that the transport industry runs smoothly. Such rules are very critical in providing fair competition, low fare prices, excellent customer care and safety of the passengers. Transport services are increasing each new day and hence giving room for drivers to engage in dubious acts at the expense of the government and passengers. If unchecked, many drivers will escape from paying taxes and offer poor services to the travelers. The hire service license was introduced by the state to ensure that all vehicles excluding licensed taxi and limousine are safe and suitable for transport. It was enforced to cub unroadworthy cars from transportation and to ensure that customers get quality services. Also, the license was to provide security for both the drivers and the passengers.

hire service licence

This new license is non-transferable and renewable after every year. For your vehicle to be eligible for this license, it must: be a commuter vehicle with less than twelve passengers inclusive of the driver, be registered in the government with the suitable reason of use, have a certificate of inspection unless not required and have an insurance cover to indemnify the driver as well as the passengers in case of an accident. Your vehicle should display the necessary hire service identification signature at all times. One can apply for this license online at the ministry of transport website or apply in person at any customer service center. It would be illegal for any driver to operate a vehicle without this license. If caught going against the law, the driver stands a fine of some amount of money, his or her driving permit can also be suspended or jailed for a specified period. It would be an offense to give jobs to drivers to drive vehicles without having the hire service licence. Such offenders will be penalized in a court of law if found guilty. But why face all these troubles if you know what is required of you? Get the license and make your job less stressing. The transport industry will become more flexible and hence able to cope up with the increasing demand in the transport sector. It will be possible if the drivers comply with the law.

Evolving technologies are molding customer anticipation in the customized transport industry which explains why a government should embrace new rules that will make the transport industry more nimble, reliable, viable and competitive. The new regulation will ensure that there are sustainability, improved services and competitive fares of a personalized transport company in the future. It will also encourage more creativity, innovation and fair competition in the transport industry which will be very beneficial to the economy. Don’t wait, acquire the license today.

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