Install Remote Starter in your Vehicle and Stay Warm!

In this technical world, almost everything is automated to maintain a balance in day-to-day life. Nowadays, remote starters are pre-installed to warm up the vehicle according to the climatic condition.

If your vehicle doesn’t have such a facility, you can install this system later to experience more convenience while driving.

Generally, remote starters should be installed by an expert technician to avoid any damage to the vehicle.

An individual who has good knowledge in electronics and vehicle repair can do the remote starter installation on their own. Read this article to know more about the remote starter installation methods.

Remote Starter

The remote starter is one of the radio controlled devices to start the vehicle automatically. The main purpose of the remote starter is to cool or preheat the vehicle before the owner gets to start driving.

Remote Starter Installation Process

Planning the Installation

While planning for the remote starter installation, you must check whether the device is compatible with your vehicle model.

The installation method of the remote starter varies on brands & models and so, you have to read the given instruction carefully.

Understand the wiring diagrams and steps you have to process while installing it. Collect the tools and equipment that are necessary for installation and then decide where you’re going to fix the main model.

The important thing that you have to do is analyze the working of the car before installation.

Wiring the Remote Starter

While beginning the wiring connection, you must disconnect the battery and also, you can remove the seat if possible.

The first process is removing the panel cover that is under the steering column where you have to connect the starter wires.

Based on the design of your car, you can remove the steering column cover to access the ignition switch harness.

To connect the remote starter to door locks and overhead lights, you need to remove the kick panel that is on the lower-left corner of the foot box.

Coming to the main process of installation, you have to connect the wires with more care as an improper connection will lead to heavy damage.

It’s better to connect the ground wires near the kick panel area in a separate grounding location. Also, you can keep the 12v constant wire attached with the power wire system in the vehicle.

The next procedure is to attach the accessory wire of the starter to the vehicle and the ignition wire under the steering wheel.

Then you have to find the wire which is to be connected with the starter wire. After this process, connect the parking and brake wires in the kick panel.

Identify the location and connect the tachometer wire to the tachometer output wire which is found in the remote sensor. Connect the other components like security and anti-theft features in your car.

You can connect all these wires in a relay or secure them by wrapping them with tape to keep it safe.

The final process is to connect all the disconnected parts of the car and check for the performance after the remote starter installation in the car.

Thus, these are the processes that are involved in the remote starter installation.

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