How to tell if your windshield has poor quality? Find out here

Having to get your car’s windshield to get fixed is a lot of hassle and a lot of car owners out there know the feeling of this hassle, but for safety measures, it should not be something that we overlook especially if it already has cracks or broken pieces on it.

If you recently had your windshield fixed or replaced, the best thing that you want is to have it correctly installed or fixed, but not every mechanic or installer out there are capable of doing their jobs precisely that it ends up to be a devastating mess for some car owners because of their carelessness and reckless acts.

You should always be on the lookout of the telltale signs that your windshield is not installed correctly. In this article, we will teach you how to determine if your windshield or auto glass is not correctly installed so that untoward accidents will be prevented.


In a typical manner, a good quality service provider of windshield replacement should always require at least two experienced people who are purely expert or have the right skills to handle the fragile glass that will be installed to your car to ensure that it is lined up properly before they secure it tightly to your car. When a single person applies it, there is a great chance that it is not installed the right way.


According to windshield installers, it is vital or important that the person who installs it should always wear gloves so that the oil will not drip and get transferred from the workers hands and to the glass because newly manufactured windshield glass is covered with urethane, a substance that is needed in order for the glass to be entirely secured properly. If there is oil transferred onto the urethane surface, this can affect the adhesive strength of the glass that may result in leaking during rains. The most ideal way is for the technician to wear nitrile gloves.


You should feel wary if you are unsure where does your replacement windshield come from. Most replacement windshields came from the manufacturers of your vehicle because it is the one that obtains the proper fitting and measurements of the entire windshield to ensure durability and longevity of the glass. However, there is no such proof that your replacement windshield is genuine or not because there are instances that manufacturers use after-market accessories or parts to cut their costs, and much worse, they might even grab the replacement windshields from a junkyard. However, reputable windshield replacement companies are able to trace the glass right straight to the manufacturers to ensure that it perfectly fits your car.


You can only notice that something is wrong with your windshield if the rain starts to pour and water is starting to leak inside the car, or you take your car to your car wash and notice that water is starting to leak inside. If this happens, your windshield was not installed properly and must be needed to be repaired immediately.

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