How to Convert Your Used Ford Van into a Camper

If you are a road adventurist and dreaming to own a self-contained campervan or caravan, it shouldn’t be too away from your reach. If you already own a Ford van, you can yourself convert it into a super campervan. And if you are serious about enjoying the fruits of your hard work, you need to get it certified as a proper one following the Self-Containment Standard known as the NZS 5465:2001. To help you achieve this, we are here to help you out with the most relevant information along with some tips that would make the work easier for you.

We have collected these tips from the used Ford dealer on how to convert a used Ford Van into a self-contained campervan. But thisis applicable only for the compact vanslike a Ford Transit Connect. Saying this, what we mean is, you need a van that has the space to accommodate at least two people to sleep. If you are eager to know, if other models too, qualify for getting transformed into a campervan, it would be a good idea to look for it on the internet and list them down. To pass the self-containment inspection, follow these tips and make sure to go for few big modifications, whatever it asks for.

Requirements to Build Up A Self-Contained Campervan

Here are some tips for converting your existing van into a well-certified and self-contained campervan.These are tips that are based on the standards set by the Self-Containment Standard – NZS 5465:2001. So following these tips would invariably help you achieve your goal.

Fresh water tanks

Who doesn’t know, that when we set out for a trip, we need a good supply of water. Then, if it has to be a self-contained campervan, then it has to contain substantial amount of water, and the standard quantity is fixed at 12L per person for three days.

Then comes the provision of a sink and a water trap which should be connected to a sealed waste water tank.

You would need to install a black or grey colored waste water tank as well, which too cancontain enough water than can spare 12L of water per person for three days. The tank should be properly vented and monitored and needs to be checked if its capacity is lesser than the fresh water tank.

Next comes an evacuation hose ideally 3m for the fitted tanksor simply long enough to be connected to a sealed and portable tank.

A toilet either portable or a fixed one.The specified requirement of it is a minimum of 3L per person for three days which can be used inside the campervan along with the bed made up.

Lastly a rubbish bin with a lid.

Should You InstallIt Yourself

As suggested by the experts from a used Ford truck dealer, if you are one of those who has the expertise in installing all these technical components without a flaw, there is no reason to stop you. If not, there’s no harm in engaging a team of professionals tohelp you out with all these processes of installing water tanks and sinks with the correct measurements. A professional team can also help you with their experience in converting a van into a Certified Self-Contained Campervan.

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