How to Be Cost Effective in your Car Selection

How to Be Cost Effective in your Car Selection

While it is true that some drivers become emotionally attached to their cars, most of us simply need suitable transport that is reliable. Buying new is a very costly way to achieve this, as the depreciation is as high as 13% the very moment you take possession of the car, and while a new vehicle certainly has its attractions, the high cost makes is much less appealing. Assuming you typically go for a used model when you change your car, there are risks involved with this, and if you normally change your car every 1-2 years, here is a cost effective way to ensure you always get a bargain.

  • Select your Favourite Make of Car – You might, for example, prefer BMW to any other make, and you certainly wouldn’t be alone, as this German auto company has a reputation for quality and style. Using the Internet search facility, source the nearest BMW dealership, who should have a range of quality used vehicles on their forecourt. If you are based in Yorkshire, Sandal Wakefield BMW are the people to talk to, and with an excellent reputation, you can be sure of quality at affordable prices.

How to Be Cost Effective in your Car Selection

  • Used Car Warranty – Buying a second hand car is fraught with risk, but you can all but eliminate that if you only buy from an established dealer, as any used car they sell would be covered by a comprehensive warranty on both parts and labour. If the dealer focuses on new car sales, they will accept the customer’s current car in part exchange, and most BMW drivers would never consider driving anything else, and when you consider the average person would change a new car after 1-2 years, this means a constant supply of 2 year old cars that have a full service history, and with the vehicle being known to the dealer from day one, you really can’t go wrong.
  • Regular Changes – Once you have driven the car for a year or two, you can part exchange it with the same dealer, and select another model, and this will ensure you get real value for money with your motoring. The cars would all have a full service history as the same dealer has been servicing since day one, and a large dealership would regularly have new arrivals, so you would always have a choice. Of course, you should have the dealer service the car while it is in your charge, and this will ensure you get top price when it comes to replacing.

We all love to drive a quality car, and whether you prefer a BMW or an Audi, if you follow the above advice, you will always have a quality vehicle in your driveway, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. By using a reputable dealership, you virtually eliminate the risk of buying a dud, and a 2 year old car is the ideal age to look for, as it is still in tip-top condition.


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