How Old Car Removal Is Beneficial For The Environment And Your Pocket?

Have you finally decided to do away with your junk car? Or just lingering over if you really should? Well, until recently even I had not taken a firm decision. The memories I had with my first car were enough to keep holding onto it, though it was of no use and getting rusted in one corner of the garage. So one fine day, with the constant requests of my daughter to clean the area and make an art corner for her, I decided to scrap my junk car. And having done so, I got to know the benefits of old car removal, both environmentally and economically.

  1. A regulated business ahead: Scrap car removal is not just a process. It is the initiation of a bigger business ahead. Confused, right? Well, the car that you sell goes ahead into the auto recycling centers which dismantle the car and take out all the necessary parts. You need not be worried about how it’ll be used as strict rules and regulations are binding these businesses, and the parts are put to the best possible use.
  2. Re-use: Many of the non-renewable resources of the Earth are used in the manufacturing of metals. The best part of reusing the scrap metal is the conservation of resources. The junk occupying some of your space might be useful to the junkyard as these scrap metal are well paid for and also put into further use. Steel, aluminum, all can be extracted from the scrap metal. Statistics show that around 14 million tonnes of steel are taken from these cars, every year.
  3. Disposal of toxic substances: When you see your car body, you can only think of the metal body, rubber tires and some plastic coming out of it. But the truth is that there are about 5 to 10 gallons of liquid and chemicals in a car which are very toxic. It, therefore, becomes important to choose the right place for your scrap car removal. Substances like battery acids, brake fluid, power steering fluid, sodium azide, mercury, etc. are also present. Improper disposal of these can cause great harm to both humans and animals. Also storing the rusted car for a long time can cause the release of these substances in air and cause various skin, eye and respiratory diseases. Thus, it is important to scrap car and avoid these situations.
  4. Every small part is used: Right from the floor mat to the cushions, every single part of the car is put to some use or the other. Once the battery, wheels, tires and the toxic chemicals have been removed, the metals and other useful things are taken which may not be of any use to you.
  5. Landfills are avoided: One big advantage to the environment by scrapping a car is that the car is dismantled and all the parts are taken out separately. It is much better than disposing the car in a landfill site and adding more to the land pollution. If we don’t avoid landfills, then toxic chemicals from the car may seep into the soil and contaminate the underground water, according to Environmentalists.
  6. No pollution with rubber tires: An old tire can produce many chemicals like cyanide, sulfur dioxide, CO, etc. But with scrap car removal, these tires are put to use for making chairs and other rubber products. With the help of latest technology, even batteries are being made from these.
  7. Reuse of car batteries: The first and foremost use of a car battery is reusing it in another car. If it is left in the open, it can cause lead pollution.
  8. Economic benefits: The structure of the car is itself worth around $200. The rest of the parts can be priced separately and hence, scrapping a car can bring around a lot more economic benefits than just letting the carrot around.

Maybe it’s because of all these reasons that around 1 million cars are scrapped every year and a step towards a greener, a better world is taken. It’s high time you make your move too, isn’t it? And if you’re wondering which might be the best place in Sydney to get your car removed, it is undoubtedly the Paul Car Removal.

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