How Mazda Developed the SKYACTIV-X Technology

In recent day cars, we can see a plethora of advanced technologies that are revolutionizing the entire industry of automobiles. Starting from the aerodynamic design to the revving performance, from electric and hybrid cars to autonomous self-driving ones, from infotainment to safety features, technology is everywhere in the modern lineup of vehicles. This journey hasn’t developed overnight but has been built up with high dedication from the brainstorms of many automotive companies, who rose up to the situation of resource crisis, and environmental pollution and worked hard to provide a viable solution. Mazda is a brand name that appears in the first row when it is about inventing sustainable technologies to resolve the issues that have turned out to be pretty grave.

The SkyActiv-X technology from Mazda is one such example of the series of technologies, that the brand has contributed to the automobile industry.

SkyActiv-X Technology:

To understand the SkyActiv- X technology at a deeper level, we visited our nearby Phoenix Mazda dealership, where the Mazda experts were more than happy to explain it to us all. We gained an in-depth understanding of this technology that changed our way of looking at vehicles, since then.

The SkyActiv-X is a technology that created a next-generation gasoline engine that combines both the benefits of free-revving gasoline engine and the fast initial response, high fuel efficiency and torque of a diesel counterpart. It is a revolutionary power plant in the industry that has addressed many quandaries all at once.


The proprietary technology of Mazda that works behind the SkyActiv-X engine is the Spark Controlled Compression Ignition (SPCCI) that is used for the first time for any commercial vehicle that runs on gasoline. The engine use compression ignition process to materialize an incredible sharp response while the acceleration it delivers speaks louder of the tall torque figures that is combined with a fuel efficiency that was so far the attribute of only diesel engines. It also blows out cleaner emissions than ever before.

The Concept Behind:

The reason why Mazda invented this ideally framed internal combustion engine doesn’t need much explanation, as we have already discussed it. But the concept that helped Mazda develop this revolutionary power plant is definitely worth of a note.

The new platform of the next-generation SkyActiv-X developed on a Vehicle Architecture, that has all its focus on sketching out human-centric design philosophy that can reinstate the inherent capabilities of the human body, while driving a Mazda car. Mazda’s world-famous Jinba-ittai driving experience influenced the SkyActiv-X to quite an extent.

Spark Controlled Compression Ignition (“SPCCI”) is Mazda’s proprietary combustion method that enables a seamless transition between compression ignition and spark ignition.

The motive is to enable in each Mazda vehicle model more comfort index while bringing down the ratio of driving efforts to the minimum level. The SkyActiv-X technology is invented by Mazda with the motto to enable the human nature to respond and adapt to the varying environmental situations as well as to the driving inputs.

The experts at the Mazda Phoenix could foresee that all this will make the new vehicle architecture respond promptly to the driving inputs while the driver will get to enjoy the Jinba-ittai driving experience.