Highway Drive Assistance Features of Genesis Cars

Highway driving asks for some special things than normal city driving. The driver too needs to have a different set of skills to drive on the highways. The risk factors increase as the car accelerates to its highest speed. These include internal as well as external conditions that lead to dangers and many of them turn out to be fatal accidents.

Genesis from Hyundai is one such brand that has acquired a leading position in safety and driving assistance features. As told by the Cherry Hill Genesis dealership now they are ready with a highway driver assistance system that sorted out the typical causes of accidents on highways and has taken every right step to prevent them. The system includes features to help the accident survivors by protecting them from harsh collision effects.The control system is integrated enough to provide the necessary comfort inlong-distancehighway drives or while getting stuck in a traffic jam.

Highway Drive Assistance System

Highway Drive Assistance System

 The driver assistance system is curved on a cutting-edge technology that takes the vehicle a step nearer to the future of what we call as autonomous driving.TheHighway Driver Assistance system has brought together all the functionalities thatstably maintainthe distance from other carsgoing ahead while keeping the car on the same lane through analysis of the GPS information.

Automatic Blind Spot Detection

 This system is made to detect the driver’s blind spot when it enters or approachesone.It warns the driver from taking high speed from behind to prevent a probable collision. If the vehiclepeeps out of the lane and is in line with a collision with the opposite side approaching vehicles, the Smart blind spot detection system combined with the electronic stability control (ESC) system would apply a strong braking force to the wheels in order to avoid a collision.

Lane Keeping Assist System

 In this upgraded version of the lane departure warning system (LDWS), the driver is alerted through the display and vibration on the steering wheel. This happens typically when the vehicle dodges out of the original lane.

Smart Cruise Control

 This part of the system can detect the traffic ahead and prompts the vehicle to maintain a safe distance from the cars ahead by following a pre-set speed. Once the vehicle becomes stationary, the system would automatically accelerate to the pre-set speed and start keeping a safe distance from the car in the front within 3 seconds just when the vehicle restarts. The Chery Hill Genesis dealer described that the ASCC in Genesis has an automatic decelerating system that is specially made for safe highway drives and is perfectly synced with the navigation system of the car.

Pre-Safe Seatbelt

 This seatbelt safety system is incorporated to fasten the passengers quickly during the emergency braking, in case of sudden skidding, or when the car takes a quick turn.

Automatic Emergency Brakes

 This is to alert the driver and activating the brake automatically, whenever it detects any pedestrians or a car ahead. It does so by retrieving signals from the front radar and the camera.

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