Guide To Close the Deal Properly

One of the most important and essential part of any car is to close the deal with proper documents. Whether you are buying a new car or selling a used car you need to follow the law governing the sale of motor vehicle, the law might vary from state to state and country to country. If not sure about the details or need more information regarding the sales process you can contact the department of motor vehicle in your state. If you are selling the car you need to make sure that the payment is done properly and limit your liability. There are many ways to buy a car either a new car or an used car online or offline. You can look for used car for sale Fresno if residing around CA to get the best used car.

When you sell car?

If you are selling the car the following points need to be considered

Getting Payment: Selling your old car is not a headache now days with many companies around to buy the cars. You can sell your car and collect the money. The best way to collect the money is hard cash. The buyer need to ask for the receipt of the cash if payment done through hard cash. In case the car is sold for $2000 over then cashiers check is essential and also recommended. Assurance of future payment by the buyers is highly not acceptable, even if it someone whom you know.

Limiting your liability:  This means you have recently sold a car and the new owner is drivingit.If the buyer gets into accident who is responsible for it?Are you going to hold them accountability? This could be of great concern to you. There are two ways to deal with such incidents

First: record the odometer reading and sign the cars’s title and give it to the buyer.

Second one is you need to download an release-a-liability form from the official website of the registry of motor vehicle website and the story need to be linked to different Departments of Motor Vehicles. Make sure that you are at the safer side by following the rules.

Avoid and Manage Complications: suppose the buyer want the car be taken back after buying the previous day? What are you going to do? And how are you going to manage? What if the buyer claims some mechanical problem in the car?

During such cases you need to remember that most states will assume that the car is sold ‘as it is’ difficult to understand lets clear it, meaning “there are no promises or guarantees after sale is concluded”. So seller need not need to worry too much about such incidences, but buyer need to thoroughly inspect the car before making the deal of purchasing.