Difference Between Buying a New Car and a Used Car

When it is time to buy a car, the variety of choices that will appear in front of you could be quite baffling. But before to plunge into the ocean of models and trim options that are now flooding the market, you need to decide whether you should buy a new car or a used one. Based on this decision only, you can go ahead with the next courses of actions. We all know that buying a car is not an everyday household chore. So you need to invest your money wisely after measuring all the options you have.

How to do that? Well, we got some insightful points from an experienced seller who serves at one of the Manchester new and used Chevrolet dealer showroom. He made it simple by sorting out the advantages and disadvantages of buying a new car as well as a used one and gave us a wise methodology to arrive at the right decision. If you are going through the same dilemma, check out how to resolve it and move ahead towards the car purchase. The advantages of buying a new car will automatically stand as the disadvantages of buying a used car.

Buying a New Car

Though there’s no need to explain thoroughly about the advantages of buying a new car butlooking from this perspective might help you think further and take the right decision. Apart from the shine, the new car smell and the reason to boast around, there are some practical advantages of this as well.

AdvantagesUsed car vs New cars

Since new cars will always come with a warranty, you can enjoy the first few years of drive without having to worry about the maintenance cost or even repair costs.

New cars will always have the better technological support that will add another layer of safety and convenience both to driving and riding.

Owning and running costs will also be lesser, if you could select the most fuel efficient car on the market and can also consider green cars to cut down on fuel costs.


The biggest disadvantage you will face for buying a new car is that you it depreciates in the first two or three years of drive itself. This is indicative of the fact that when you will try to use this one as a trade-in product, it won’t be able to fetch you back all the money you have invested in it. Financially that is almost like throwing away your money knowingly just for the sake of the momentary pride and satisfaction.

Making the Right Decision

That’s enough said about what buying a used car can bring you as opposed to buying a new car. But making the right decision is another story again. In this matter the experts of the Manchester Chevrolet dealership suggest that, a good rule of thumb is to measure if paying off the buying price at once will be easierfor you, or maintaining a used car through a stretch of time will be more profitable.