Common BMW Repairs With New Models

bmw service and repair

BMW is an iconic German automotive brand, but there has recently been chatter online about the reliability of the newer BMW vehicles being manufactured. BMW is a giant among car manufacturers and still considered one of the top automotive luxury brands in the world and ranks right up there with Mercedes and Lexus. The new BMW’s have so many moving parts that defects are almost unavoidable. Newer models have so many luxuries that are aided by computer components and electrical circuitry that these components often go out before your more common parts begin to wear. Here are some of the more common problems that new BMW owners are experiencing when buying into the comforts of a luxury car.

Wrap Rotors
With the 3 series, there have been many complaints about shaky steering wheels when applying the brakes at higher speeds. Sometimes this can be associated with balance and alignment issues, but in the case of the 3 series, it appears that replacing the wrap rotors provides a solution for the shaking steering wheel. Finding a certified BMW repair center to evaluate the shake is highly recommended before the problem gets worse.

Oil Leaks
BMW models that have exceeded 60,000 miles have been known to experience oil leaks more commonly than some other brands that have reached the same mileage range. Finding a service center that uses BMW certified parts is important for retaining any warranties that may still be valid. Valve cover gaskets have been known to crack and leak prematurely, while oil pan gaskets have been identified in many oil leaks in BMW cars and SUV’s.

bmw service and repair
Power Steering Pump
Some of the newer models have seen the dealer garage a little prematurely. When power steering fluid leaks, it makes an audible scratch that can be heard when turning the vehicle. Other identifying factors is the power steering fluid in the driveway or garage of your home.

Fuel Pump
There have been some reports of sputtering in during the acceleration process. This can often be associated with the high-pressure pump, when it begins to go out, you will begin noticing hesitation while trying to accelerate. This is caused by the pump going out and lacking pressure when pumping fuel into the engine. If this problem is fixed in a timely manner, you may experience difficulty turning the vehicle over. These are some common issues that can be avoided if you routinely take your BMW in for service.

There has been chatter in other BMW forums that indicate there have been issues with the windows in some of the newer models. According to some online resources, the window regulator is to blame for the malfunction of the window. Having a certified BMW mechanic take a look at this should prevent you from experiencing further issues with the window mechanisms.

Alternator Seals
The alternator seal has been known to begin leaking in some of the newer models, most notably the BMW 4.4 V8 models that are being purchased. The seals begin to leak from heavy wear on the vehicle and can begin to leak on the engine and possibly into the alternator assembly. By staying on top of the maintenance of the vehicle and changing out the seal’s as suggested by the manufacturer, you can avoid serious problems from happening.

It appears to be a common complaint across multiple models of BMW’s where car owners are complaining about malfunctioning electronics. Some of these wiring harnesses appear to faulty, or at least susceptible to wear and tear and as a result, windows, wipers, and air conditioning systems don’t always function as they should.

Coolant Leaks
Your BMW needs coolant, don’t let it leak. When the coolant leaks, there may smoke or steam rolling out from under the hood of your BMW. Other signs of leakage might be visible in your driveway or garage.

AC Failure
Complaints have surfaced in warmer states that the AC units aren’t functioning is some models as one would expect. The AC compressor should be checked immediately, especially during summer months. There are sources that have reported that the ambient temperature sensor may be responsible for some of the issues being reported by BMW owners. When the sensor is triggered and there is an indication that lower temperatures have been reached, the unit will shut down. This is obviously an issue.

Obviously these issues can happen with any vehicle, luxury or not. There are obvious perks to owning a luxury car vs. a mainstream car, and comfort tops that list. These are just some common problems that BMW owners have been experiencing lately. If you notice any of these issues beginning to surface, call a professional BMW mechanic in your area to service the vehicle with BMW parts and fluids.

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