Chevrolet Silverado – everything you need to know about the Chevrolet pickup truck!

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The trend of driving a pickup truck for all purposes never seems to fade away from the USA, isn’t it? People love these versatile four wheelers which are capable of handling most of the task they have in mind. One of the best selling pickup truck in the USA has been the Chevrolet Silverado.

Giving a stiff competition to the Ford F-150, the Silverado has a lot of top-notch features to offer to the consumers that easily makes it a good pickup choice. If you want to see the Chevrolet Silverado up close, visit the Porterville Chevrolet dealer store and check all the variants. Their team is always ready to help you out.

What’s New for 2018?Porterville Chevrolet dealer

The Chevrolet Silverado 2018 has received some new tweaks and additions which makes it even more versatile. It now comes with a backup camera and a tire-pressure monitor for indicating low-pressure levels. Brand new colour paint for the vehicle is now available – Centennial Blue and the commemorative Centennial Edition Silverado is also available only for the year of 2018. The eAssist package is now also available in the LTZ variant as well.

What you can expect from Chevrolet Silverado?

The Chevrolet Silverado surely increases the expectations of the consumers who plan to buy the vehicle. There are a lot of different things that you will expect from this very popular pickup truck that is still a favourite in 2018.

  • The Chevrolet Silverado will impress most of pickup truck lovers in the first place with its big, bold and macho looks that only mean business. The long and bold front grilles help you to immediately recognize which vehicle you are looking at and the colour paints are impressive as well.
  • Moving into the interiors, the Silverado has a comfortable and nice looking cabin space with ample boot space. It comes with climate control and seat adjustment features that provide more comfort to the passengers in all seats. Cup holder and armrests are available in as well. The Chevrolet MyLink display is also there for entertainment and navigation purposes.
  • Under the hood, the Silverado comes with 3 different engine variants – 4.3L V6 with 285 HP at 5300 RPM, 5.3L V8 with 355 HP at 5600 RPM and the 6.2L V8 with 420 HP at 5600 RPM. All the engine variants are powerful and undoubtedly provide a smooth and refined rev all the time. But the major highlight is the 6.2L V8 engine which is clearly the most powerful engine you will come across.

Final Verdict – the 2018 Chevrolet Silverado comes at a starting price of $29,795 and promises a powerful engine, peppy performance, refined driving in all conditions, and brilliant suspension along with a comfortable interior.

The Silverado is the ideal pickup truck which has been designed to stand the test of time and give the users quality driving experience every time they turn the engine on. You can contact Chevrolet dealer serving Porterville to know more about the different variants of the vehicle.

Do You Need Tractor Trailer Service?

right tractor trailer service company

Owning a tractor trailer means employing companies that can help you maintain this vehicle. You can’t take a tractor trailer to a car mechanic (unless the mechanic specializes in tractor trailers), since the parts are different and require different tools for repair. When it’s time to find a service company that can meet your needs, here are a few things to look for.

One of the first things a tractor trailer service company should do is thoroughly inspect your tractor trailer. If any services need to be rendered, you should know exactly what those services are and why they need to be performed. There are several companies that will also service your RV.  The technician will make sure all parts of your RV are running properly, and will fix any issues that keep the vehicle from working at its best. This is convenient, since you’ll likely hook your tractor trailer to your RV when traveling.

The right tractor trailer service company will also repair the wheels and Carlisle tires of the trailer. When the wheels aren’t working properly, the trailer won’t travel well and could become damaged. Alignments are an important part of tractor trailer repair as well, and you should have this checked regularly. If something is wrong with the alignment of the trailer, it could affect the way you’re able to operate both the trailer and your RV or conventional vehicle.

If there are oil or fuel issues with your traright tractor trailer service companyctor trailer, a professional company can fix this for you. A team member can take a look at the trailer for you, assess the condition of your oil and let you know if it needs to be replaced. You should also be able to get fuel services from the company. If you use the tractor trailer often to deliver goods, it may be best to find a mobile tractor trailer service that works near your delivery route. This way, you can call a professional to service your trailer on the spot if there are any issues.

Once you know which services you need from a tractor trailer company, you can start your search. Look for companies in your area that provide the specific services you need. Talk to friends and family who also have tractor trailers to see which companies they’ve done business with. Take a look at some customer reviews so you can see what other tractor trailer owners have to say about a particular business.

It’s also a good idea to research each tractor trailer company you’re considering. See how long the company has been in business and whether they are registered with the Better Business Bureau. Research whether customers have had complaints about the business in the past. Make sure that the company has all necessary certifications to work on your tractor trailer. Ask about warranties as well, in case you need to bring the trailer back after repairs to fix any issues. The staff should also be friendly and knowledgeable, so that you’ll feel comfortable asking questions and getting the answers you need.

How to tell if your windshield has poor quality? Find out here

Having to get your car’s windshield to get fixed is a lot of hassle and a lot of car owners out there know the feeling of this hassle, but for safety measures, it should not be something that we overlook especially if it already has cracks or broken pieces on it.

If you recently had your windshield fixed or replaced, the best thing that you want is to have it correctly installed or fixed, but not every mechanic or installer out there are capable of doing their jobs precisely that it ends up to be a devastating mess for some car owners because of their carelessness and reckless acts.

You should always be on the lookout of the telltale signs that your windshield is not installed correctly. In this article, we will teach you how to determine if your windshield or auto glass is not correctly installed so that untoward accidents will be prevented.


In a typical manner, a good quality service provider of windshield replacement should always require at least two experienced people who are purely expert or have the right skills to handle the fragile glass that will be installed to your car to ensure that it is lined up properly before they secure it tightly to your car. When a single person applies it, there is a great chance that it is not installed the right way.


According to windshield installers, it is vital or important that the person who installs it should always wear gloves so that the oil will not drip and get transferred from the workers hands and to the glass because newly manufactured windshield glass is covered with urethane, a substance that is needed in order for the glass to be entirely secured properly. If there is oil transferred onto the urethane surface, this can affect the adhesive strength of the glass that may result in leaking during rains. The most ideal way is for the technician to wear nitrile gloves.


You should feel wary if you are unsure where does your replacement windshield come from. Most replacement windshields came from the manufacturers of your vehicle because it is the one that obtains the proper fitting and measurements of the entire windshield to ensure durability and longevity of the glass. However, there is no such proof that your replacement windshield is genuine or not because there are instances that manufacturers use after-market accessories or parts to cut their costs, and much worse, they might even grab the replacement windshields from a junkyard. However, reputable windshield replacement companies are able to trace the glass right straight to the manufacturers to ensure that it perfectly fits your car.


You can only notice that something is wrong with your windshield if the rain starts to pour and water is starting to leak inside the car, or you take your car to your car wash and notice that water is starting to leak inside. If this happens, your windshield was not installed properly and must be needed to be repaired immediately.

If you want to know where to find reliable and trustworthy windshield replacement company click here.

How Safe is the 2019 Buick Enclave

The seven-seater Buick Enclave is a midsize luxury SUV that features a massive 97.6 cubic feet of cargo space with its second and third row collapsed. This family favorite from Buick comes in four luxurious trims such as the Preferred, Essence, Premium and Avenir. Some of the amazing features available on the Enclave lineup include a 3.6L V6 with start stop technology, keyless open and push-button start, leather appointed luxurious seating and interiors, heated front and second row seats, 4G LTE Hotspot capability and an out of this world entertainment system that doles out melodies from a Bose performance-enhanced premium 10-speaker system. The Enclave is a seamless blend of sophisticated looks, crafted interior luxury, sporty performance and all this is complemented suitably with an amazing array of safety features. We take a look at one of the Buick Enclaves on display at Temecula Buick dealer to understand how safe the 2019 Buick Enclave with a little disclaimer that the safety features are only preventive and it’s up to the drivers to take necessary action upon being alerted, drive safe, drive responsibly and follow the laws.

Impact Safety

The Enclave comes standard with a 7-airbag system that works in conjunction with the seatbelts. You have the regular frontal airbags, front-center airbag, seat-mounted side-impact airbags, roof-rail airbags to reduce risk to the heads of driver and passengers in case or rollovers and knee airbags for the front passenger.

Preventive Safety

The Following Distance Indicator is the first one in this category. It warns the drivers through light indicators, beeps and chair vibrations if they are getting too close to a vehicle moving in front. This can be enhanced with an available forward collision braking system in the Avenir trim that applied the brakes automatically in the event of a driver not applying the brakes even after the warnings from the following distance indicator. The Premium and Avenir also come standard with Forward Collision Alert and Front Pedestrian Braking that needs no explanation.The list gets longer as we add Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert andLow Speed Forward Automatic Braking. Tire pressure monitoring system is another fantastic safety tool that monitors the pressure in real time and alerts the driver is any of the tires are experiencing low pressure. Needless to mention the Buick has all the necessary door locks and latches such as the Child Safety latches.

Safety Assists

The Best part of modern-day safety features are that they are quite proactive and actually assist drivers in driving better and safer. The 2019 Buick Enclave has some fantastic features that are standard and some available and some exclusively available to specific trims. Some such features include Electronic Traction Control, Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning, Rear Cross Traffic Alert that alerts drivers to approaching left or right cross traffic when you are reversing out from a garage or parking space.

Visual Safety

Rear Park Assist and the absolutely cherished Rear Vision Camera help you in this category and one of most advanced safety features we found on an Enclave at display at Temecula Buick was the Surround Vision system that gave a birds-eye-view of the area around the vehicle on the infotainment display. You can do a lot with the top-view to assist you in maneuvering the vehicle especially from challenging parking spaces.

How To Prepare For An Easy Import

In the modern world that we live in, it is quite understandable that everyone wants to have their own car. Families with more than one car are very popular, but even if the local market is quite good in most cases, sometimes it is not only a better deal to import a vehicle, but in most cases, certain vehicles that we really want are available only in certain countries.

Once you complete all the steps in this article, you will also have to move the vehicle from coast to coast. You can car transport from Brisbane to Perth from Dazmac Logistics as they are quite a reputable company, but other companies with similar services are also a decent choice.

Choose your car

Now, while this seems like the easiest step there is, there is more to it than it seems. For starters, you must consider that Australia has quite a lot of laws when it comes to importing cars, and there are some cases where it is either impossible to import a car due to old age, or the taxes are going to be quite high, which is the case with luxury cars, and that might change your opinion.

As you pick out the car you would like to import, it is important that you find a verified seller from the destination that you are importing the car from. While purchasing a vehicle from a retailer is usually the best option, it is not necessarily the most profitable one as there are plenty of third party vendors that sell cars up to half the price, however, you should check if they have decent customer feedback first.

Choosing a car to import is not as easy as you may think

Prepare the paperwork

Once you picked out your car, before you start the whole importing process, it is very important that you become very familiar with the paperwork. Depending on the type of the vehicle you are trying to import into Australia, you will require different paperwork, and in some cases, you will have to be the original owner of the car for a couple of months, or even a year depending on the class.

As you settle all the require paperwork, it is time to find an importing service which will take care of the shipping and importing process. It is possible to to do all of this yourself, but it will take too much of your time, and it will definitely not be worth it, especially due to easy mistakes you can make while importing.

If you are wondering where to import muscle car to Australia according to Dazmac Logistics, the best option is to do it on either sides of the coast, and it is preferred that the importing company also offers interstate transport as well, so you can receive your new vehicle directly at your doorstep.

You can easily enjoy your new muscle car after the import is complete

Final Word

Hiring a reputable company to handle the shipping is very important. If you happen to make business with an inexperienced company, it could not take a long time for your vehicle to arrive, but you will most likely get charged with some hidden fees, and let’s be honest, nobody is a fan of those.

Everything You Need to Know WhenBuying a New/Old Car

Owning a car is everyone’s dream. We can travel independently at our convenience. In an era where time is money, owning a car saves a lot of time and brings us closer to your loved ones. We can also use the car to go on relaxing road trips with our friends or use it for emergency cases where someone has to be rushed to the hospital.

There are several New & Used car dealer in the market. One must do extensive research, both online and offline and choose a car which suits their requirements wisely from a dealer of their choice.

Here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind when buying a new car:

1.     Choose a vehicle that suit your needs

There are various types of cars available on the market- SUV, Hatchback, Convertible, Minivan, Station Wagon, Sedan, Crossover, and many others.

Choose a vehicle which is comfortable for you.

2.     Never forget to take a test drive

After choosing a car, go ahead and take it on a test drive. This is the best way to check your compatibility with the vehicle.

If the drive doesn’t feel right, then you choose a different car.

3.     Know all the financing options available

You can buy the car with a one-time cash settlement or choose to take a loan at an attractive interest rate from a bank. You can also lease the car if you want to. Choose any of these options carefully based on your financial needs.

4.     Read the reviews on cars and dealers

It’s important to go through multiple reviews on the cars and the dealers who sell them to get an overall idea and make an informed decision.

A review is the best way to know about the quality and trustworthiness of a service provider.

5.     Know the car’s history

If you’re planning to buy an old car, it’s important to be aware of the car’s history. Go through the records of repairs and the maintenance done on the vehicle.

6.     A mechanical inspection is vital

Sometimes, you may not trust the dealer who’s selling the car. In such situations, you can subject the old vehicle to a mechanical inspection to know it better.

7.     Understand the taxation process

There’s a huge possibility that thousands of tax dollars may be added to the price of the vehicle. Do research and understand this process in a better way, so you’re not deceived later.

8.     Know the insurance rates

Used cars have lower insurance rates when compared to the new ones. Make sure you can afford the insurance, or it may become an unhealthy liability.

9.     Choose the dealer wisely

Choose a trustworthy dealer who can provide you with a quality and comfortable car at an affordable price.

Buying a car is a cakewalk if you have done your research properly.It’s a worthwhile investment, so choose your car wisely. Click here to know more about the various types of used/new cars.Hope that this article helps you to take the right decision.Thanks for reading!

Stylish and Great Value – The 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

2018 Hyundai Elantra

The Hyundai Santa Fe SUV is competitive in the medium-sized crossover segment. Santa Fe sport has been around for a number of years and was put on for the last time in 2007. Now Santa Fe sport has been reworked and updated again in 2018.

In 2018, the Hyundai Santa Fe introduces new power units with a six-speed gearbox. Appearance has also been simplified and revised. There are new taillights and fog lights, new side moldings and a new front grille. Inside there are new leather and fabric seats, a touch screen with a rear view camera, and on the steering wheel on all models, there are sound controls on all models. 

New engine: 175 horsepower, 2.4 liters, 4-cylinder model.

This is the second-generation Theta four-cylinder engine and is equipped with a standard six-speed manual gearbox. A six-speed automatic system is available. This is an EPA rating of 22 mpg and 27 mpg on the highway. This four-cylinder engine replaces the 2.7 V-6 used previously. Another new engine is the 3.5-liter V6 V6 with 276 horsepower and offers better fuel economy and better power. This new 3.5-liter V-6 has a completely aluminum construction, dual overhead cams and four valves per cylinder. This engine has a nominal power of 20 mpg and a highway of 26 mpg.

2018 Hyundai Elantra

The appearance of Houston Hyundai Santa Fe Sport has been optimized to make it not only more modern, but also more aerodynamic. Inside it is elegant and efficient. The blue backlight was used for internal sensors and switches. Even the front cup holders are provided with a soft blue light. A third-row position is no longer available, which allows more space for luggage and cargo. It has capacity for five people.

The Santa Fe SUV and the great Sonata SUV from Hyundai are assembled at the Hyundai plant in Alabama. Actually, these two cars have the same assembly line.

Santa Fe sport offers a range of options including heated front seats, sunroof and an excellent sound system. Safety features include traction control, non-slip, side curtain airbags, front side airbags and ABS. The maximum towing capacity is 3,500 pounds when the V-6 engine is used. It is available with front-wheel drive or with all-wheel drive.


The price starts with an MSRP of $ 21,695 and varies from $ 28 to $ 29,000, depending on the level of equipment and options. 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport is elegant, offers many features and is an exceptional value. Check it out at the Hyundai dealer.

Scenarios Where Hiring A Van Is A Great Idea

While the modern world does offer quite a lot of services that offer shipping, a lot of them tend to ship only to certain areas, some of them are quite overpriced, and some of them just take too long to deliver to your doorstep. An easy solution to all of those problems, and the other ones that are not mentioned is to pick up or transport the items yourself.

Of course, the majority of people only owns a car that they use for personal transportation to drive around town, and they can usually transport smaller items, or a medium sized item, while a newly purchased closet or a TV really doesn’t come into play. However, an easy solution when you need to transport bigger items is to hire a van, and here are just a few scenarios where you can use it.

Consider where you are hiring from!

Before we mention where you will get most use from hiring a van, you should keep in mind where you are hiring from. There are quite a lot of renting companies these days, and it is important for you to check out their background. You can professional one way van hire hire from Go With The Gecko if you are in the area, and if not, we suggest that you look for a company with similar standards and reputation.

Renting from a reputable company goes a long way

Moving into a new home or studio

One of the most common mistakes that people make while moving, is to use their own cars to do all the work. While it is possible to do it in practice, it usually involves taking all of the bigger items apart, only so you could piece them together later, which takes quite a lot of time.

Because vans come in various sizes, you can easily take a van where you will be able to fit your biggest item, such as your biggest bed, or anything big in size. Not only it will save you time from hard-thinking how you are actually going to transport the item, but you will also be able to fit all of your other items as well, saving you from multiple back and forth trips that can easily consume your whole day.

Hiring a smaller van is extremely useful when you are moving into a new studio, especially if you are considering to expand. It is not only that you can move the items that you already move to a new studio, but because van hiring is cheaper if you do it for a longer period of time, you will also get to use it to bring new items that you are yet to purchase, into the studio as well.

If you are thinking of moving from one city to another, vans are perfect, especially because of the idea that we mentioned earlier where you do it all in a single go. That is why you should consider a van hire Sydney to Melbourne such as Go With The Gecko or a reputable company, that ensures your long trip is going to be safe and secure.

Packing items into a van is simple

Final Word

There are all kinds of situations where you can hire a van to make your life easier. In all of those situations, you will most likely not only save some money, but more importantly, you will save a lot of time that you can use during the rest of the day to enjoy your hobby or whatever you desire.

The longtime guarantee is offered for the vehicle hail repair at our company

The dents and digs of your car can be fixed by using the specialized tools. The dent repair services are offered by the specialist at our company. If you want to bring back your car to the pre-storm conditions then you can hire the dent services from our company. The repair process can be done smoothly as our team will work very hard. The delivery and pick up is offered for free of cost by the insurance provider at our hail repair company. You can get a guarantee for the hail repair as long as you own your vehicle. If you require any assistance about the hail or dent repair services then you can feel free to contact our team. Our company is located in North Texas and the specialists are highly experienced. The customers can hire the hail repair services in the united states. The standardized procedures at our company can assure to meet the expectations of the client for every repair.

Remove the damaged glass:

It is hard to provide the same look for your car once if it is damaged by the hail. You can restore your vehicle at US hail repair to recover from the pre-storm condition. The damage caused by the hail storm can be repaired by using the hail repair industry techniques and technology. The hail repair can be done without any hassles at our company in a simple and fast manner. The technician will try to remove the damaged glass once if the windshield is inspected. You can ensure that the kit is leak-free if you use the highest quality materials and sealants. The windshield and old sealant can be removed by cutting through the special tools. The damage is caused by the hailstorm at the time of natural disasters. The adhesive strips are used to fit the new glass carefully and the glass set should be kept till the sealant is cured.

Maximise the complete potential:

The customer vehicles and sold vehicles at the company may be damaged due to the hail storm. The unique business opportunities are offered at our company for various reasons. There will be many problems for you and your staff in the day to day operations. Most of the automotive companies cannot maximize the complete potential of their profits. The customer repair rates and customer satisfaction will depend on the quality. The profit percentage can be created based on the repair bid in the inventory. It is important to understand the repair cost in order to generate profits for your business. The customers should be satisfied with the repairs delivered by our team. The specialists have the experience in repairing in the hail damaged cars. The photo document is required to get the appraisal and sell the images vehicle.

Common BMW Repairs With New Models

bmw service and repair

BMW is an iconic German automotive brand, but there has recently been chatter online about the reliability of the newer BMW vehicles being manufactured. BMW is a giant among car manufacturers and still considered one of the top automotive luxury brands in the world and ranks right up there with Mercedes and Lexus. The new BMW’s have so many moving parts that defects are almost unavoidable. Newer models have so many luxuries that are aided by computer components and electrical circuitry that these components often go out before your more common parts begin to wear. Here are some of the more common problems that new BMW owners are experiencing when buying into the comforts of a luxury car.

Wrap Rotors
With the 3 series, there have been many complaints about shaky steering wheels when applying the brakes at higher speeds. Sometimes this can be associated with balance and alignment issues, but in the case of the 3 series, it appears that replacing the wrap rotors provides a solution for the shaking steering wheel. Finding a certified BMW repair center to evaluate the shake is highly recommended before the problem gets worse.

Oil Leaks
BMW models that have exceeded 60,000 miles have been known to experience oil leaks more commonly than some other brands that have reached the same mileage range. Finding a service center that uses BMW certified parts is important for retaining any warranties that may still be valid. Valve cover gaskets have been known to crack and leak prematurely, while oil pan gaskets have been identified in many oil leaks in BMW cars and SUV’s.

bmw service and repair
Power Steering Pump
Some of the newer models have seen the dealer garage a little prematurely. When power steering fluid leaks, it makes an audible scratch that can be heard when turning the vehicle. Other identifying factors is the power steering fluid in the driveway or garage of your home.

Fuel Pump
There have been some reports of sputtering in during the acceleration process. This can often be associated with the high-pressure pump, when it begins to go out, you will begin noticing hesitation while trying to accelerate. This is caused by the pump going out and lacking pressure when pumping fuel into the engine. If this problem is fixed in a timely manner, you may experience difficulty turning the vehicle over. These are some common issues that can be avoided if you routinely take your BMW in for service.

There has been chatter in other BMW forums that indicate there have been issues with the windows in some of the newer models. According to some online resources, the window regulator is to blame for the malfunction of the window. Having a certified BMW mechanic take a look at this should prevent you from experiencing further issues with the window mechanisms.

Alternator Seals
The alternator seal has been known to begin leaking in some of the newer models, most notably the BMW 4.4 V8 models that are being purchased. The seals begin to leak from heavy wear on the vehicle and can begin to leak on the engine and possibly into the alternator assembly. By staying on top of the maintenance of the vehicle and changing out the seal’s as suggested by the manufacturer, you can avoid serious problems from happening.

It appears to be a common complaint across multiple models of BMW’s where car owners are complaining about malfunctioning electronics. Some of these wiring harnesses appear to faulty, or at least susceptible to wear and tear and as a result, windows, wipers, and air conditioning systems don’t always function as they should.

Coolant Leaks
Your BMW needs coolant, don’t let it leak. When the coolant leaks, there may smoke or steam rolling out from under the hood of your BMW. Other signs of leakage might be visible in your driveway or garage.

AC Failure
Complaints have surfaced in warmer states that the AC units aren’t functioning is some models as one would expect. The AC compressor should be checked immediately, especially during summer months. There are sources that have reported that the ambient temperature sensor may be responsible for some of the issues being reported by BMW owners. When the sensor is triggered and there is an indication that lower temperatures have been reached, the unit will shut down. This is obviously an issue.

Obviously these issues can happen with any vehicle, luxury or not. There are obvious perks to owning a luxury car vs. a mainstream car, and comfort tops that list. These are just some common problems that BMW owners have been experiencing lately. If you notice any of these issues beginning to surface, call a professional BMW mechanic in your area to service the vehicle with BMW parts and fluids.