Who’s at Fault in a Car Accident?

Working out who’s responsible for a car accident can be a tricky process. It might seem obvious that the person who caused the accident should be at fault, but it’s not always the case. The key word here is responsible, which can carry strict legal definitions. Just because someone caused, an accident does not mean they were legally responsible for it.

Since it’s not so clear cut, we, at the Loya Insurance company thought we’d put together this simple guide. Let’s take a deeper look.

Why is it important to determine who’s at fault?

Determining fault in a car accident can be important for many reasons. The biggest amongst them are to do with insurance and liability.

The responsible party in a car accident will, in general, be the one whose insurance pays for damages (see below for exceptions). Being found at fault in an accident can also influence insurance premiums in the future.

Moreover, the responsible party will also be the one liable in the case of any personal injury or death incurred during the accident. This is obviously crucial in any potential legal proceedings which may result.

Determining fault

In most instances, whichever driver involved in the accident violated traffic law will be held legally responsible.

For example, an accident occurs in an intersection. One driver is following the traffic signals, and another has illegally entered the intersection by running a red light. The driver following traffic laws runs into the other vehicle, thus causing the accident. But because the other driver violated a traffic law, they’re the legally responsible party.

This is a general and simple case

Say in our previous example one car ran a red light, but the other was speeding, worsening the accident. Depending on the state the accident takes place in, both drivers could be found to be responsible. The driver who ran the red light might be found “more” responsible, and have to cover more of the damages, but the other driver wouldn’t be found blameless. They’d have to cover a certain amount of damages and be liable for injuries.

There are also cases where a person who’s cited for a traffic violation isn’tresponsible in an accident. Take for example a fairly common occurrence of reckless drivers whose actions cause accidents. Driver A might cut across several lanes of traffic to make a turn. Driver B slams on their brakes to avoid an impact with Driver A and Driver C runs up the back of Driver B because they didn’t stop in time.

Driver A will certainly get cited for reckless driving in this situation. But it’s actually Driver C who’s legally responsible for the accident. As they were behind the other cars, they should have been traveling at a safe distance to allow for stopping. Despite Driver A’s driving causing the accident, it’s Driver C who’s at fault.

Gathering evidence to determine fault

We’ve seen that sometimes fault is fairly easy to determine, and sometimes it can be a muddied and tricky mess.

So how do these situations get resolved?

As with all crime, evidence is key. There are several vital pieces of evidence that go into creating a case to determine fault:

  • Driver’s statements. Record any comments made by the drivers involved in the accident. It’s not uncommon for driver’s to — if unintentionally — admit guilt in the immediate aftermath of an accident. Common phrases such as “I’m sorry for hitting you” or “I didn’t see you” can be taken as admission of guilt.
  • Police citations. Citations for traffic violations made by police, as said above, can play a major part in determining fault in an accident.
  • Eyewitness accounts. Bystanders who witness the event can provide valuable insight for insurance and police reports. The prevalence of phone video and dashboard cameras has made evidence gathering for vehicle accidents easier than ever before.
  • Forensic evidence. Forensic crash investigators are typically only brought in on fatal vehicular accidents to determine criminal liability.

It’s important to watch what you say and collect as many eyewitness accounts as possible following a traffic accident. Under most state law, anything over $500 of damage must be reported. Be prepared to defend yourself if accused of being at fault, or ready to provide evidence if you believe the other person to be at fault.

Peace of mind with the Loya Insurance company

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How to Purchase Vehicle Insurance Online?

Unfortunate events can occur anytime on roads that can result in injury or mortality. Almost every day we read news about road accidents in morning newspapers. Hence, we need to remember that safe drivers can also become victims of unforeseen and unpredictable occurrences on roads, but it’s also true that safe driving helps you to stay away from a large number of unfortunate occurrences to a large extent. However, you can’t predict any unfavourable events beforehand. Injury or loss during an accident can be a matter of huge financial burden and from here you can easily realize the importance of purchasing a vehicle insurance policy.

A right vehicle insurance policy acts like a protective shield that protects policyholders from financial burden involved with the respective vehicle. Today, many people have become tech-savvy and they find it more convenient to perform their work online than offline. Vehicle Insurance Online offers a convenient mode to people so that they can easily analyse, compare, and purchase the best insurance policy anywhere and anytime.

According to the terms and conditions of the particular vehicle insurance policy, insurers would pay a sum assured to the policyholders covered under this particular plan, during the incident. To get such facilities, policyholders need to pay premiums at specific intervals.

It is true that the trouble and emotional breakdown can’t be balanced out with financial help, but it will also be a great help to the victim’s family in their difficult situation. Hence, it is critical to purchase the best Vehicle Insurance Online after analysing the top-class insurance providers.

Most insurers provide rewards to drivers via discounts as well as bonuses that can reduce the premium of the motor insurance policy to a great extent. The amount of coverage is referred to as the investment that you must pay for the enrolled motor insurance. In India, it is compulsory to purchase a motor insurance policy. By purchasing a Vehicle Insurance Online, you can easily safeguard your vehicle.

As per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, all vehicles on the roads of this country are mandatorily secured by a minimum insurance cover. It is termed a ‘third-party liability insurance plan’. However, you should stay away from purchasing only the minimum degree of insurance coverage for the vehicle and analyse your insurance requirements before making a final decision.

The best vehicle insurance plan will make sure that you are financially protected and secured in each and every unfortunate event. Therefore, comprehensive insurance cover along with additional features should be purchased to get the optimum benefits.

Where Should You Buy Your Vehicle Insurance From?

It is a tricky question because different people prefer different insurance coverage from different insurance providers. However, some significant factors act as deciding factors that you should analyse before making the final decision:

Familiar with the Insurance Policy Coverage in Detail: You must be familiar with the respective coverage offered by the shortlisted insurance companies. It is true that theft, as well as accidental damage, is provided with coverage within a standard vehicle insurance plan. However, many vehicle parts or several incidents are not covered by such plans. In case you are about to consult an insurance representative, ask him your queries or questions about the respective policy.

Get Additional Cover If Needed: The top-rated motor insurers offer additional covers that you can purchase to improve the level of protection provided by the fundamental insurance policy. Choose that insurance policy that you think will be advantageous for your vehicle.

Ask the Insurer about Customizations: If you are thinking of adding a personalized structure to your vehicle or in case you have modified a mechanical or electrical part, then you must inform your insurance company after getting it done; else, the protection that the policy offers might be nullified. These updates are going to be reflected in the specific vehicle insurance policy in the format of endorsements that might be subjected to additional premiums (according to the terms and conditions).

Select Voluntary Deductibles Carefully: Selection of voluntary deductibles might lessen your car insurance premium greatly. It is recommended to stay away from high investments for voluntary deductibles; otherwise, it might become a burden for you to fulfill the required payment in a difficult time.

You should also check for network garages carefully and thoroughly while analysing Vehicle Insurance Online.

Best vehicle insurance plan 2018

Due to the advancement of the internet technology, more and more insurance companies are selling their policies online. But you must be very careful before choosing the best one for your vehicle. You can compare the vehicle insurance plans online on websites like Coverfox.com which will help you make an informed decision.

The top-rated public sector motor insurance companies in India are United India Insurance, National Insurance, and Oriental Insurance. The top-rated private sector motor insurance providers are Bajaj Allianz, Tata AIG Insurance, Bharti AXA General Insurance, Royal Sundaram General Insurance, IFFCO Tokio General Insurance, and ICICI Lombard General Insurance.

Start searching for the Vehicle Insurance Online and choose the best policy today.



Fear is a very common thing. In case you are purchasing a new heavy duty vehicle, it is common that you fear some damage might happen to the vehicle in the future and that is how you will end up investing some part of the money in insurance companies so that they’ll help you with the cash at the time of real need. This is indeed a wise thing to do but, you should also keep some facts of the reality in mid while you are investing money in the insurance companies. It is a very well known fact that the insurance companies will not return back the money that you have paid them in the form of installments if no damage occurs to you heavy duty vehicles. Your choice and decision to opt for insurance plans is apt but you should also be careful enough to choose the right, best and cheap HGV insurance plan for your prized possession, that is your vehicle.

cheap HGV insurance

Here is an insight on how you can choose your best and cheap HGV insurance plan:

  • Step 1- Look out for the best insurance companies:

When you are planning to take up any kind of insurance policy, looking for the best insurance companies around the place should be the first on your list.

  • Step 2- Research on the selected companies:

From the list that you have prepared after looking out for the available good insurance companies, you will have to start your elimination process. All you have to do is start looking for their HGV insurance policies. Not all policies by all the insurance companies are suitable for every one of us. After finishing your research on all the policies by each company, you should keep eliminating the policies which you might think are not suitable for you. And after all this elimination process, you should be able to arrive at one cheap HGV insurance by each insurance company and make the list.

  • Step 3- Comparison between all the cheap heavy duty vehicles insurance policies:
    Now that you have each best and cheap insurance policy by each insurance company, all you need is one among these selected few. Now, chalk out that the least ones from each company and make a comparison between them and start eliminating each one. When you are doing this, you should be really careful as this is the final selection process. Finally, you will arrive at one best and cheap heavy duty vehicle insurance policy and you can go and invest in that insurance policy.

When you are making a comparison between all the insurance policies be sure enough to choose the trusted sites for comparisons.