Car Leasing Service for Your Personal and Business Purposes

Car Leasing Service for Your Personal and Business Purposes

Are you finding a good car leasing service? Then you are in a right place, we lease a brand new bmw for any personal and business purposes. Our contract hire is the flexible, popular long-term rental agreement that allows for companies and businesses to fund their cars or commercial vehicles.

As far as you know, vehicle leasing isn’t for everyone, but it can be the easiest, most manageable way to fund a new car, regardless of if you are a business looking to maintain fleet requirements or an individual. Any type of vehicle lease agreement comprises of an initial payment before agreed monthly payments are made until the end of the contract. The contracts range in length from between 12 to 60 months, these agreements are personalised to suit the requirements of individual businesses.

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) is a type of vehicle finance agreement for personal customers looking to fund a new or used vehicle in a manageable way. In the same aspect as Business Contract Purchase, PCP or Personal Contract Purchase is yet another agreement that allows you to finance a vehicle, except for personal customers who are also looking for a way to easily and manageably fund a new vehicle.

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Business Contract Purchase is an ideal choice for businesses that would prefer options other than to hand the vehicle back at the end of their contractual agreement. In the same way as Contract Hire works, CP customers pay an initial rental at the beginning of the contract and pay fixed monthly repayments. The difference is that in the final stage there is an OFP or Optional Final Payment (Guaranteed Future Value) at the end of the agreed period.

Most drivers choose PCH to affordably drive a new car has risen over the last few years and the trend is continuing. Most contracts range between 2 to 4 years, however, they can span from anywhere between 1 and 5 years. When the final monthly payment is made the customer simply returns the vehicle and walks away, begin another lease agreement on a brand-new car or choose to extend their lease for an additional period.

The monthly rental amounts consist of the base rental and then any factory extras you may choose such as leather interior, one of many manufacturer packs you can opt for, a specific colour choice, mileage, maintenance options and insurances to protect your repayments etc.Speaking with the experts at Cort Vehicle Contracts will help you make the best choice when choosing to lease your next vehicle. We look forward to receiving your call today.

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