Car Detailing – An Effective Method of Vehicle Transformation


One of the smartest ways a car owner can transform a used car into a seemingly new one is through car detailing. An innovative strategy for converting old cars into new ones, there has been an immense evolution in this art over time.

Besides putting the car in the spotlight, the art of car detailing is also a great way to increase the value of the car. Also known as a type of car grooming, car detailing is important to increase the charm of the car to attract potential buyers. When a car is put up for sale, its optimum condition is prime – which includes a solid body part and engine. Therefore, cars with lackluster exterior and interior are of meager worth to potential buyers.

Evaluation phase

This phase precedes the car detailing activity. Car detailing consists of intricate steps that contribute to the overall success of the procedure itself. These steps are known as car detailing primers, and they are in three parts.

  1. Paint evaluation – The outlook of the exterior of the car is of great importance. However, it all begins from the condition of the paint. The condition of the exterior can either make or mar a deal. Therefore, a good spray painting job is a great deal to enhance the appearance of the
  2. Wheel and tire evaluation – Accumulation of tar from brake dust is the consequence of the consistent use of the car. These black stains greatly affect the condition and outlook of the wheels of old cars. For this reason, frequent washing and waxing of car wheels are important maintenance practices. Be ready to earmark a bigger budget to get the wheels in shape again if the wheels are completely out of shape.
  3. Car interior evaluation – The condition of the car interior reflects the extent to which the car has been used over the years. Owing to this, car detailing the car interior takes the bulk of the time. Like the exterior, a terrible-looking car interior can prevent a buyer from making a deal.

A few tips to ensure that car detailing is more effective:

  1. Keep the car away from direct sunlight. In the course of the car detailing procedure, the car must be in a roofed garage or space. When a car stays in the sun for too long, the temperature of the exterior becomes high. In this situation, waxing and painting jobs will not last long. Also, endeavor to wash cars in roofed places as well.
  2. The law of gravity demands that car washing technique is from top to bottom.
  3. If the car just left the tracks, do not wash or auto detail. When a car has been in motion for a while, the engine parts become hot. Applying cold water directly to these parts of the car can damage the components. Therefore, allow the car to cool off for another 20 to 30 minutes before working on it.
  4. Usually, wax builds up around the trim of the window. To wipe away excess wax on car’s exterior, use detailing towel, spray or brush.

Car detailing is a process that will transform your car to the desired condition. All it takes is some patience, determination, and some money to give your car that straight-from-the-factory look again.

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