Buy Used Car Parts At Cheap Rate With Mega Car Wreckers

Mega Car Wreckers is a Melbourne based car wrecking company, who are willing to provide you a good deal on every damaged car you sell us. We are the largest company in Victoria to provide you with the friendliest car wrecking service at the great rate. We believe in “Cash for Cars” and hence we are at your service 24X7. So whenever you feel that your car has broken down or is badly damaged, feel free to get in touch with us. We guarantee you the best deal for your damaged car along with free service of car removal from your garage. No matter where in Melbourne you stay, we are ready to pick up your car and in turn, we will provide you the cash payment.

We are not only famous for buying your damaged cars. You can even choose to buy auto spare parts in Melbourne from us. We have a huge collection of used car parts belonging all the known European and Japanese cars. Our services are even extended to the dismantling of your car, post collecting it from the junkyards.

What Do We Pay For?

We take pride in declaring that we will provide you with the best deal for every part of the car or a car as the whole you sell. We will make instant cash payment. We pick up the damaged car, the time you wish to sell, for free of cost from the place you intimate us. We are ready to buy the below items from you-

  1. We buy second-hand cars from you.
  2. We can accept damaged cars of any model belonging to any brand, be it an SUV car or Utes
  3. Our cash payment offers for wrecked cars are even open for buses and trucks

How Does The Car Wrecking Process Work With Us?

We, as renowned car wrecking company of Melbourne, are open to various services for our customers. The car wrecking process starts working with a simple phone call from our customers end. You just need to call us and place a request for car wrecking service. We will offer you instant payment in cash. Once you accept the deal we offer in return of your damaged car, we will send across our towing van to collect the damaged car from the Junkyard. You can also place the request for car wrecking services through our online websites.

Recycling Auto Parts of Cars:

We not only buy your damaged cars and proceed with the wrecking, but also get engaged into dismantling of the cars. We have well established junkyards that help us with the dismantling of cars. We believe in green dismantling and ensure the process we choose takes place in the most eco-friendly manner. Post dismantling the damaged cars we take out the usable parts from the vehicle as we believe in recycling the parts. You can choose to buy used auto parts from us. We will offer the best deals on all used car parts at very reasonable rates. Our main motto is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and we achieve the same by giving them a hassle free car wrecking service.

Why Would You Choose Us For Car Wrecking?

The main reason for choosing us against all other Auto Wreckers in Melbourne can be briefed as below-

  1. We have a team of experienced appraisers who can assess your car the best and provide you with the best value.
  2. We don’t consider your damaged car as a scrap as we believe in recycling items.
  3. We offer the best cash payment on instant basis without any survey on the car condition.
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