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Over the previous decade toward fifteen years, the criminal world, as well as numerous extremist crowds, have been progressively ingenuous for assaults and assaults. In doing so, they are becoming more plus more brutal, as well as there is no view of their violence stopping. These situations alter the global standards of armored car safety through introducing higher necessities and more exciting tests. Distinctly, car firms are developing new machinery that they use to improve the defense of their armored vehicles for rent.

Increased threats – augmented demand for improved security

The maximum level of defense for armored cars is currently VR10. In adding to being protected alongside numerous other probable attacks, it comprises a special new trial and explosion defense certificate. Though, this super-level has not so far been introduced worldwide. It was achieved lately – last year the Mercedes presented its model by VR10 protection.

Most strengthened VIP limousines, counting state directors, are still at VR9 level. For instance, VR9 is the coaches that Vladimir Putin moves on, plus everyone distinguishes how severely the Russian head is being protected. By the way, in 2018, a new contemporary series of cars would be launched for Russia’s leader of the state. For them, obviously, there are no important details – cars are prepared in a small super-secret shop someplace in Moscow.

Definitely, new technologies plus design solutions have been sought after, since production has been scheduled for a short time – the program was accepted in 2014.

There is a limousine, a sedan, a jeep, and a minivan. Distinctly from the detail that most of the VR10 necessities are probable to be covered, there might be added “extras” accessible.

Luxury and comfort among maximum protection

Armored vehicles for rent are of course weightier because of the reinforced building, and numerous components such as glasses for instance. Though, this does not deny them of the luxury as well as appearance, plus of the inside.

Contemporary designs offer sophisticated shapes as well as all the comfort plus extras inherent in ongoing luxury coaches. The design is such that this cannot be known whatever the level of safety is plus even differentiates from luxury spotless cars. The objective is the confusion of probable attackers.

Of course, the blend of super-luxury, as well as super-security, affects the value – it can reach closely 1.5 million euros.

The first armored non-military coach to have attained the VR10 defense degree is the Mercedes S600 Guard. In this limousine, the augmented security level for attacking assaults is particularly significant.

The model is resilient to blast assaults in the immediate area or below. Through 4 cracked tires, it could maintain up to 100 km / h, has a contemporary fire scheme, a black box, an intercom, as well as so on.

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