5 Useful Services a Scrap Yard Can Offer You

Scrap yards haven’t always been the most inviting of places, usually the preserve of those who work in the motor trade or are after a bargain. These days, the average scrap yard has far more widespread appeal and can offer a number of useful services.

If you own a car, your local scrap yard potentially has a lot to offer so read on and we’ll tell you how you can make use of them.

  1. Car Recycling

Of course, the most obvious service is car recycling. Most breakers yard will be all too happy to collect your car from a location of your choice for recycling back at their yard. The benefit for you is a payment for your old vehicle and the peace of mind that it is no longer your responsibility.

Simply look online for your nearest scrap yard and make a call.

  1. Source Part Worn Tyres

Part worn or used tyres are those that have been removed from a recycled or crash damaged vehicle. Once removed, they are inspected for damage and to ensure that they’re safe to be refitted to another car.

You will find part worn tyres to be very cheap, often 3 or 4 times cheaper than a comparable new tyre. If you’re lucky and you know what you’re looking for, you might even be able to source a nearly new premium tyre which would cost hundreds of pounds if it were new.

  1. Source Car Parts

More and more car owners are sourcing car parts for themselves for their car repair needs. Not so long ago, an expensive trip to a car dealership workshop or garage would be required to buy the right part, but with the right part number to hand, it is perfectly possible to find a used part at a low price.

The onus of course is on you to make sure that you’ve identified the correct part number and that it is indeed compatible with your car.

  1. Find a Replacement Engine

Similar to your average car part, you can also find a complete engine assembly for your vehicle from a suitable recycled or damaged car. Simply make sure that the engine code matches the engine you’re replacing and that you have all the ancillaries to make it work.

We would provide a word of caution and state that it is difficult to know the condition of any engine without taking it apart so buy wisely.

  1. Sell Your Scrap Metal

If you don’t have a whole car but instead a few parts you would like to sell, a breaker yard is the place for you. They will happily pay you for used batteries, alloy wheels and catalytic converters you no longer require.

Find a Breakers Yard

All that’s left is to find your nearest vehicle recycling centre. You can find a car scrap yard in Birmingham and the West Midlands by simply looking online and locating the one nearest to you. Their website should provide a list of all of the services they offer as well as an overview of the process.

Scrap yards can be a great source of used parts at a bargain price so make use of yours to save money.

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