5 Little Tricks Which Car Dealers Put to Use on Potential Unsuspecting Buyers

Due to in some cases, cars tending to have more problems as they get older, purchasing a used car can carry with it a slight degree of risk. Even though this risk is naturally always present, it can be minimised by only dealing with renowned and trustworthy used car dealers, and by also taking along a certifiedcar inspector.

There are a number of dealers in new and used cars for sale in Canberra, some of them large dealerships with service departments, and various others which are a lot smaller.If somewhere isn’t known to be reliable simply take along a vehicle inspector, just for some peace of mind.

Little trick 1. Relying on a Customer’s Lack of Knowledge

There’s not much a car dealer likes more than an uninformed car shopper.

  • You will never be able to negotiate a decent price for a car if you don’t have any idea what the price should be.

To get the very best advice about any car you are interested in, you should do some easy homework. Simply go online and with the use of a mouse and by just typing in the car you are interested in and “second hand prices”, you will be able to pull up a list of prices where you can get a good estimate of what they’re worth.

  • PS – Try putting in more detail, such as year and mileage

Little trick 2. The Patter

After any interest is shown in a car – but still as yet undecided over buying it – the salesperson may try to convince you that someone is just desperate to get their hands on it. A favoured line here is for another salesperson to interrupt the dealings and announce that they have a customer who is very interested in the car you show an interest in, and maybe even ask for the keys for the “customer” to take it out for a test drive.

dealers in new and used cars for sale in Canberra

Little trick 3. Blatant All out Lies

Some car salespeople might lie about smaller things, like the colour is not available, there’s only three left state-wide, the price is special only for today, and you had better decide quickly.

Little trick 4. Bait and Switch

The dealer promotes a car at a wonderful price, but when you show up at the dealership, you are told that it’s already been sold. They then try to entice you to purchase a more expensive one. The whole purpose of a bait-and-switch ad is to get people into the showroom.

Little trick 5. The Deceitful Sticker  

Used cars sometimes have a sticker on the windshield stating the prices, but this can be very misleading. The sticker price is the MSRP— (the manufacturers’ suggested retail price), it doesn’t mean the real price.

Good luck when going out into the world of car sales dealers,just make sure to use one with a good name and reputation!