2020 Ford Expedition: Is it an Expert Off Roader as the Name Suggests?

The Ford Expedition had alreadybeen considered as a benchmark that teaches you how a full-size SUV should be like, and with the 2020 model year edition release, the standard has been pushed further ahead with its rugged demeanor that loudly announces its off-roading capability without compromising on its sophisticated road manners.

We got to see the new 2020 edition of Ford Expedition for the first time at a prestigious showroom of the Calexico Ford dealership that fortunately comes on our way. The first glance we had on the 2020 model edition of Ford Expedition made us realize the fact that it is now even more clean with its purpose than its predecessor model year. And that is strongly evident through its pure styling tweaks that equatesindividual space for the basic definition of luxury while its cargo space reminds you of the fact, that a long distance road expedition is due.

Trims for the 2020 Model Year Lineup

To cater to different user preferences and affordability status, Ford sells the 2020 Expedition in XLT, Limited, Platinum and King Ranch trim models, among which even the base model is rich in matters ofstyle, safety and utility score. But we are more curious to know how each of them can handle off-road driving situations. But before we go into the details of its performance and moves, we need to talk about the power options each of them is equipped with.

Power Meant to Perform

The 2020 lineup of Ford Expedition has selected the power of a twin-turbo V-6 engine that can make a minimum of 375 horsepower after pairing with a 10-speed automatic transmission. This combination of powertrain become successful in creating hot velocity from the heavycurb weight of the 2020 Expedition weighing around 5,400-pound.

2020 Ford Expedition

Being a vehicle that can seat up to seven passengers, the 2020 edition of Ford Expedition knows its job well, whether it is about hauling people, making them feel at home inside its cozy cabin atmosphere or towing heavy weight articles.

When it comes to delivering a consistently comfortable and enjoyable ride, the 2020 Expedition proves itself no less than an expert in its own field. but when it comes to handling off-road challenges, the twin-turbo V-6 powertrain comes out as an accomplished performer, each and every time, you drive it through those challenging terrains.Thanks to the muscular motor and its strategic driving dynamics.

Every trim level of the 2020 edition of Ford Expedition runs with the help of a 3.5-liter V-6 twin-turbo engine mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission to send the accumulated power to the all four wheels, that counts 375 hp while the torque countsan impressively tall 470 pound-feet.

Off-Road Driving Capability

A group of expert mechanics we met at the Calexico Ford dealer showroom, explained that it is the light-weight aluminum body panels, that help the 2020 Ford Expedition stay ready for every off-road encounters. Hence, the 2020 Ford Expedition does keep the honor of its name and comes handy in every off-road expedition you make it drive through.